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Suzette Huwae @ Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill, LONDON

Suzette Huwae’s Artistic Candy POP UP Shop in Notting Hill – One day only

On Saturday the 19th of May an Artistic Candy Pop Up Shop of versatile artist Suzette Huwae will be available for one day ONLY at Debut Contemporary in Notting Hill. Suzette is a Dutch / Moluccan artist, now based in London. She is known for her colourful artwork in which strong and beautiful women from around the world ‘Enjoy life in style & abundance, to the full, till it overflows…’.

This will be a unique opportunity to meet the artist in person and see her in action – live!

She will be bringing an array of paintings and one-off pieces of ceramics, customized cushions, bags, funky buttons and T-shirts to the artistic Candy Shop, all Limited Edition. To add to the excitement, Suzette will be putting her talent on show throughout the day. She will be creating some extra artistic candies, painting a colourful window and customizing pieces of furniture and a pair of sneakers. All these pieces will be unique and available for sale on the spot.

About Suzette Huwae
Suzette Huwae graduated on a 1st BA Teachers Degree Drawing Painting at HKU – Art Academy Utrecht, Holland. She is based in London focused mainly on painting on canvas and ceramics.

Her theme is colourful, strong multicultural women, as she believes that every woman should “Enjoy life in style and abundance to the full till it overflows”.

Suzette her style can be described as glamour with an edge. Different techniques are used in her work as spray paint, acrylics, glitters, charcoal, drops and splashes, gold and  silver leaves or even Swarovski stones. She also uses written tags and texts in her work to underline her message of her art. Suzette: “I like to pay attention to details. It needs to be unpredictable and exciting. Funky, edgy, sassy and colourful. I like to use an international approach, which I translate as using bright colors, expressive strokes, showing my view unto the cosmopolitan world…”

Event: Artistic Candy POP UP Shop by Suzette Huwae
Venue: Debut Contemporary
Address: 82 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W2 5RT
Time: 12.00 – 18.00

12.00 – 14.00: Window painting
14.00 – 15.00: Customizing Chairs
15.00 – 16.00: Customizing Lamp Shades
16.00 – 17.00: Customizing sneakers

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Nederlandsch-Indië – Indonesië – Nederland : verleden – heden – toekomst

Deze tentoonstelling is een samenwerkingsproject tussen drie galeries die op het gebied van kunst uit Indonesië actief zijn. Heden en verleden van de kunst uit Nederlandsch-Indië / Indonesia komen in deze tentoonstelling aan bod.

Naast kunst van belangrijke kunstenaars uit de koloniale periode die door Kunsthandel & Kunstmakelaardij Frank Welkenhuysen wordt verzorgd is er uitgebreid aandacht aan de hedendaagse kunst.

KiniYaKini toont hedendaagse kunst uit Indonesie van vooraanstaande Indonesische kunstenaars. KiniYakini is een galerie die vooral via het internet actief is en zich vooral richt op werken op papier. 

Frans Leidelmeijer toont met zijn nieuwe galerie ‘De Blauwe Kamer’ kunst van in Nederland wonende en werkende kunstenaars met Indische roots. Kunstenaars die hun inspiratie vinden tussen Oost en West.

Over Ben Manusama: “..antihelden, local heroes, zondaars en heiligen, soapies en anoniemen en verbeeld daarmee het ongekozen menselijk tekort. Schilderijen dienen als een spiegel, ze zeggen iets over degene die er naar kijkt”.
(De Gelderlander, : drs. J.Bremer, oud conservator Kröller-Müller, zie foto).

Wilt u een uitnodiging voor deze tentoonstelling ontvangen, wilt u werken die in deze tentoonstelling passen inbrengen of hebt u andere vragen  dan kunt u ons bereiken via tel. 030-267 18 67 of

Startdatum: 01-04-2012
Einddatum: 06-05-2012
Openingstijden: woensdag tot en met zondag van 14.00 – 17.30 uur

Untuk pameran ini tiga galeri kerjasama. Ketiga galeri aktif dalam seni bergambar dari Indonesia. Seni piktorial pada masa lalu, masa kini dan masa depan dari Hindia Belanda dan dari Indonesia adalah fokus pameran ini.

Lukisan oleh seniman besar dari jaman kolonial disajikan oleh ‘Galeri & Dealer & Broker Seni Frank Welkenhuysen’.

Adalah perhatian yang luas untuk seni kontemporer. ‘KiniYaKini’ pertunjukan seni kontemporer dari Indonesia oleh seniman Indonesia terkemuka. ‘KiniYakini’ adalah galeri yang beroperasi terutama melalui internet dan berfokus terutama pada karya-karya di atas kertas. 

Frans Leidelmeijer mempertunjukkan dengan galeri dia yang baru, ‘De Blauwe Kamer’, seni oleh seniman yang berakar di Hindia Belanda. Seniman yang menemukan inspirasi mereka dalam keturunan mereka keduaduanya dari Timur dan Barat.

Untuk informasi silahkan hubungi kami: tel. 00 31 30 267 18 67 or

Expositie FACES

Exhibition focuses on the other ‘face’ of Curaçao and Beijing

‘Looking at the other ‘face’’. Seeing images that usually remain hidden. This is the theme of the exhibition FACESThis group exhibition connects various disciplines: photography, art, video and dance. FACES is divided in two parts: ‘Faces of Curaçao’ and the less prominent ‘Faces of Beijing’. Three young, highly esteemed artists take part in this exhibition: Faranú (Talent of the Year 2012), director / choreographer Gabri Christa (named one of the 100 most promising upcoming film makers of the world in 2008)  and Mike Redman (award winning multidisciplinary artist). FACES will be opened at 16:00 hrs on Saturday the 21th of April. Hans Walgenbach, managing director of Museum Rotterdam will open the exhibition. Jazz and soul singer Shirma Rouse will perform. The exhibition can be visited until the 29th of April at the WTC Art Gallery in Rotterdam.

‘Faces of Curaçao’

Sunny beaches and a clear blue sea is the image most people get when they think about the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Many people consider this place an ideal holiday destination. FACES uncovers a more raw, artistic side of the island. ‘Faces of Curaçao’ invites you to look at the other ‘face’ of Curaçao. Or rather: look at previously hidden faces. Actual faces.

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